Last year my friend Alie, came up with the idea of having a summer party where everyone brings their own lobster and Todd cooks them. (A lot of parties in my house revolve around Todd cooking.) We are always up for new and exciting ways to entertain our friends and a lobster fest sounded like an amazing idea.  Hence the first anual B.Y.O.L. (Bring your own lobster) occurred in June of 2011.  The party was so epic and so much fun we decided to make it an annual event to celebrate the beginning of summer.   I bring you… The Second Annual B.Y.O.L.

We keep the invite list relatively small. If the party gets past thirty people it becomes unwieldy and the wait for the grill gets lengthy.  Each guest has to decide whether or not to bring the lovely crustaceans alive or parboiled.  At Chez Jojo we prefer them to be alive and kicking.  We also prefer that you kill your own lobster.  If you are going to eat it, than shouldn’t you be able to kill it?  (Of course, I am talking some serious shit because I will never do the deed. That’s what Todd’s for.)  Many others also elect to eschew the murder segment of the party.   So, much of the euthanizing falls on Todd’s shoulders. He does it quickly with a knife through the middle of the lobster’s back and the head.  It’s quick, but still a little gooey and gruesome and the lobster will wiggle for a bit.  Creepy but you get over it pretty fast because there’s a dish of melted butter waiting at the end of the road.  Oh and did I mention YOU GET TO EAT LOBSTER?!

The entire B.Y.O.L. goes for about seven hours and dwindles into a drunken s’mores fest over the BBQ or the fire pit. (I put the kabosh on the pit after the first party when I found chocolate all over my back yard. Not good for the Jojo.)

Here are some highlights of the festivities.

Cheapest price of the day.  99 Ranch Market in San Gabriel.  There’s also one in Van Nuys.

On the grill with some lovely corn.  Every year we refine the party.  Next year we’ll have a separate grill for non-lobster items.

We opened up the newly renovated garage (now todd’s studio) and added a long table.  For some reason people don’t want to leave the table during this party.  We have plenty of places for people to dine and sit but everyone enjoys the family atmosphere.  And everyone gets some odd enjoyment from seeing the size of the lobsters people bring.  As my friend, Graz so eloquently put it: “I’ve never seen so many lefty liberals in one place rooting for the death of an animal.”

Todd  looking extremely cheery.  As you can see, we do not discriminate.  Crab claws are completely acceptable.

This sucker was almost 6 pounds.  It was shared by Todd, my friend, Brandi and yours truly.   I had trouble lifting her up.

Brandi’s half of the monster.  I realize now that I was so tipsy at this point I barely ate any lobster.

My sister would not kill her monster lobster, but she would pose with it before Todd killed it.  Now, what is more disturbing?

Alie loves her lobster.  Don’t try to touch it. She’ll cut you.  (Notice the lobster bib.  Thank you ,World Market)

These carcassses went into a stock.

The stock.  We share it with my friend, Matthew and make yummy linguini and clams for months. (Matthew’s recipe)  I’ll post that soon.

If you’d like to see a short lobster snuffporn video, email me.

Already can’t wait for next year!



2 comments to B.Y.O.L.

  • Marlyn

    …dead lobster crawling. I’d like you to know that Larry the Lobster was a vicious crustacean with a lengthy criminal record that included shrimpnapping, clawing and entering, and assault with a deadly claw. He deserved to be eaten!

  • momo

    so sad i missed it this year!! i will be in FULL FORCE next year!!


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